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Aavio. One click away from freedom

Life’s best memories are rooted in spontaneous moments. Take your first kiss. If you didn’t dive right in, it would never have happened. We like to call these “f*ck it” moments - moments where you make radical decisions to venture into the unknown. Aavio throws you far out of your comfort zone, making life exciting again.

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How Aavio works

Open the aavio app, connect your travel buddy and scroll through all the remaining empty seats. Pick your flight and book. Now all you need to do is to make sure you are in time for your flight.

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Who is Aavio for?

You’re a free-thinker, a go-getter, a doer. Why then, deep down, is you life lacking the “colour” you deserve? Aavio is for anyone who’s hungry for adventure and excitement. Simply jump out of your grey life and shake things up with some colour.

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Our team consists of very talented individuals. Together we create experiences one will never forget.

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Our advisors are the best in their fields and are considered as our mentors. They help us build the best online experience for our travelers.

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